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Self-Care: Attending To Your Personal Health And Well-Being

by Hutt Bush

Self-care: your practices and habits relating to how well or how poorly you attend to your own health and well-being.

How would you rate yourself on self-care on a scale of 100? Where have you had the most difficulty in the past in self-care?

Consider, for example, the topic of sleep: how attentive are you to getting a solid, high-quality night’s sleep? Do you monitor the foods that you eat in the evening to make sure that nothing you eat will interfere with great sleep? Do you cultivate a habit of going to bed approximately the same time each night to maintain consistent sleep cycles?

In the category of flexibility, do you have any sort of regular program or practice that keeps you limber? Yoga, stretching, bodywork, physical therapy? How often do you interrupt working at your computer to stretch your limbs?

As we consider self-care this week, please be mindful about what areas of self-care would produce the greatest amount of improvement for you. Develop a higher awareness about opportunities for self-care and please consider discussing them with our group on the Study Hall Blog for feedback and community.

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