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The Power of Forgetting and Starting Over

This week has been one of our best in Study Hall . . . thanks for attending and sharing. STARTING OVER is definitely a muscle that wants to be strengthened.

Fact: the past is over! As Will Rogers famously said, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” The advantages of resetting . . . and restarting . . . are enormous!

Think of the freedom . . . the thrill of being able to create without the limitations of the past! And it’s so simple: only recognize that it’s reality that this moment is the first moment between now and the future.


We can also forget the laurels we’ve rested on . . . and, similarly, we can release all the limiting perceptions. Both have kept us stuck.

In what area of your life would STARTING OVER make the biggest difference in your life?

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Starting Over From Things Beyond Our Control

In law, events beyond our control are called “acts of God” or “force majeure.” Working with our topic of starting over, we considered the topic generally . . . then how we can start over ourselves . . . and how we can allow others to start over.

So, today: what about those pesky circumstances beyond our control? And their “first cousins,” the decisions we made long ago that may have continued to “haunt” us to the present. Decisions made by others that have impacted our lives, as we perceive it, negatively. All of these are fuel for lingering regret and remorse if not fully processed.

Starting over means releasing those events, decisions and dynamics. They have already occurred. We can’t un-do the past, but we can start over and assess where we are as regarding these issues.

Today would be an excellent day to put to rest all concern for things that already happened . . . especially long ago . . . so that the day is open to joy. They’re already gone. Start over today!

We want to be able to have a long list at the end of day when we ask, “What brought me joy today?”

Releasing old events, patterns and decisions increases joy . . . AND . . . remember, starting over is a strategic advantage in manifesting the results that you want today!

Copyright 2009. E. B. Hutt Bush and Coaching for Results, Inc.

by Hutt Bush • Copyright 2009-2012. Being Point®, Inc.
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Releasing Attachment to Wrongs and Starting Over

So far this week, we’ve focused on our own starting over. Today, consider the wisdom of allowing others to start over with you.

Everyone has made mistakes in life. It’s just a matter of degree, but . . . face it, no one escapes doing some really dumb things.

We can assist others in their journeys by losing the attachment to past wrongs and saying, “The rest of my relationship with this person begins now.”

Imagine what a difference that would make in business, family friend and romantic situations.

Allowing others to start over means that you don’t hold their past performance against them. By giving them a clean slate:
* Grudges disappear

* Wounds heal

* Harmony expands

* Freedom grows

This is not a “touchy-feely,” “lah-lah” strategy. Rather, it has highly practical outcomes. Life gets better! Results improve!

Please think of some people whose conduct you can reframe in your mind as only in the past . . . and consciously allow them to start over. Breathe and observe the way you feel as you release the past and allow the present with nothing but possibilities.

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Beginner’s Mind Is Starting Over

Yesterday, we began discussing starting over – how recognizing that every moment REALLY IS starting over . . . whether or not we recognize it as such . . . for one simple reason: the past is OVER!

That means we have a blank slate in this and every new moment to CREATE the present . . . and to IMPACT the future.

F. Scott’s Fitzgerald (whose story “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is winning huge critical acclaim) said, “Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist, but the ability to start over.”

The benefit of DEVELOPING A ROUTINE PRACTICE OF STARTING OVER is that we are unencumbered by beliefs or limitations from the past. Starting over means fresh, new, clean, open, willing and present.

Where in your life can you see tremendous benefit for starting over . . . for adopting what in Zen studies is called BEGINNER’S MIND?

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The Ability to Start Over Is a Strategic Advantage


When I ran my first marathon it wasn’t planned: I was inspired by the signs for the race when I arrived at the Honolulu Airport for a three-week business trip. I immediately wanted to do the race. I had been running about 25 miles a week . . . good, but considered insufficient for a race of 26 miles. So I made a decision that, no matter how slowly I went, I would run every single step.

One of the devices that I used on the course was to say to myself – sometimes aloud, but mostly internally – “This step is now the first step of the race.” That was my mantra, and I’m sure I said it thousands of times . . . and it allowed me to achieve my goal of both finishing and running every step – no matter how slow.

The ability to start over is a strategic advantage in achieving results. We humans have often been burdened by our individual or collective history. In the case of the race, I wanted to avoid thinking that because I had already run 8, 12, 18, 22, 25 miles, etc., that I should be tired. By recognizing that that history was over each moment . . . and by not carrying it around like baggage . . . I was free to create a different reality.

How can a deliberate decision to start over to assist you in getting what you want? Are there places where you have been allowing history to hold you back? Choose a place to practice starting over today!

by Hutt Bush • Copyright 2009-2012. Being Point®, Inc.
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