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Feeding Your Soul Is The Most Profound Form Of Self-Care

by Hutt Bush

Feeding your soul is perhaps the most profound form of self-care. The ways are almost infinite: the challenge is in making the time to do it.

Ask yourself daily – and perhaps several times daily – “Where is the joy now? How do I access it? What brings me joy?” Often, being playful and open with others brings out the kid in us and we’re able to find joy more easily – and joy feeds our souls.

What feeds your soul? Music, family, nature, service, intimacy, art, laughter, growth, prayer, cuddling, friendship, animals, the ocean, poetry, the expansive night sky?

Care for yourself enough to remember to make time to feed your soul in the variety of ways that work for you. If you’re so inclined, please log on and let us know your favorites.

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