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Discipline Is Self Love

My friend, Carl Bressler, likes to say, “Discipline is self love” . . . a statement that speaks volumes about our topic of LOVING YOURSELF for this week of Valentine’s Day.

The word “discipline” has the same root as “disciple,” which infers that discipline can be understood as “being true to and committed to core values like health, integrity, excellence, etc.”

Thus, Carl’s statement could read, “Commitment to core values like health, integrity, excellence, etc., is self-love” . . . and that makes a lot of sense. It’s illuminating to understand discipline somewhat differently than its normal definition which often implies difficulty.

Trying on this different definition of LOVING YOURSELF, what kind of discipline, for you, would represent self-love? How successful are you in adhering to your core values? Which core values would you like to focus on for Valentine’s Day as a means of loving yourself?

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