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Embrace Healthy Competition In Service Of Mastery

Competition can be useful if channeled expertly. Competing with ourselves – as distinguished from “against” ourselves – in creating personal bests is a worthwhile goal.

If you’re an athlete, do you track your time? If a business professional, your finances? If a student, your grades?

What do you find it useful to track, and what is the attitude that you bring to tracking? I recommend that you embrace competition in service of mastery.

Think about how you can increase the quality and quantity of what you do by focusing your intention on specific improvement. Not rocket science, yet not something that most of us have done regularly either. Let me know how it goes.

by Hutt Bush • Copyright 2009-2012. Being Point®, Inc.
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The Ability To Learn Faster Than Your Competitors May Be The Only Sustainable Advantage

With competition comes the notion of competitors – a word that can sound anywhere between exciting to deadening. How do you conceive your competitors? Often, I’ve found in working with business owners that they either diminish the competition or make too much of it.

It’s arrogant and risky to say, “We have the best – they can’t touch us.” It’s perhaps more risky to think that the competition is to be feared and allow oneself to be intimidated by it.

Consider the following:

“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable advantage.”

Does that ring true for you – that learning faster is perhaps the only sustainable advantage? What competitive advantages do you have? Do you nurture those advantages? How do you compensate for and expand beyond your weaknesses?

by Hutt Bush • Copyright 2009-2012. Being Point®, Inc.
posted in: competition

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