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Vacations Are For Recreation And Restoration

Summer is a traditionally a time for vacation to allow for rejuvenation and recreation. The word “recreation” derives from the root meaning, “recovery from illness”; and somehow going away to relax feels more than ever like an attempt to recover from the “illness” of so much of the rush, pressure and busy-ness of our lives.

Summertime with family, friends and longtime companions – what could be better? This coming week, I’m hoping to add new memories to some of my favorites from past years: Playing cards outside at a cafe on a Spanish island, hanging out at the Piazza de San Marco in Venice late at night, trying to find apple pie in rural Wales, helicopter hiking in the Canadian Rockies, pre-dawn jogs on Maui followed by a warm dip in the ocean.

What are your memories of summer? What are you doing to have recreation and restore your Self?

Study Hall will be on hiatus for the next two weeks and resume on Tuesday, September 8.

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