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Command And Control Often Shows Up In Personal Relationships As Well As Business

by Hutt Bush

Edward Deming, the famed management consultant credited with engineering post-war Japan’s economic recovery, believed that organizations are holographic of their leaders. He said that companies – and all kinds of human groups – emulate and embody the values of their leadership.

People within command and control cultures also often model the same kinds of dominating behaviors of their leaders. This dynamic is particularly interesting when one observes family units, romantic relationships and social relationships.

Have you been part of a command and control relationship in your family, friendships, romantic or social relationships? What role(s) have you played? How did it feel to be part of that kind of energy? Can you theorize about where it came from?

Most importantly: is command and control an energy that you want to characterize any kind of relationship of which you are a part?

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One thought on “Command And Control Often Shows Up In Personal Relationships As Well As Business

  1. Thanks again Hutt! The old paradigm of what you label ‘Command and Control’ is very 1950’s…. so arcane now. Some, but not all, of my work is group- focused and collaborative, and often very yin…. more female in nature than before. This is in alignment with the cosmic energies we are in now… this is the very reason why command and control is decaying and dying… it is an old paradigm which is being replaced by a new one. What a great and wonderful time to have a human body in 3d on planet Earth!

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