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Capacity Is The Ability To Receive, To Stand Up To And Tolerate – Often, Even To Bless – The Welcome Of The Shouldered Load

by Hutt Bush

What is your ability to take on the world? How much can you take? How much is worth taking? How much is worth holding? Are you asking these questions of yourself? What is your capacity?

Capacity is rarely addressed because we enjoy and hide behind the delusion that we can handle it all. Entrepreneurs, especially, tend to take on as much as they fantasize they can handle. Part of the trick is to reach far enough, but not too far. Lifetimes are spent learning the best in-between points.

What is your capacity for: Joy, Freedom, Pain, Accomplishment, Love, Suffering, Companionship, Family, Intimacy, Vulnerability, Loss? What are your limits to fully experiencing the human condition?

Capacity is the ability to receive, to stand up to and tolerate – often, even to bless – the welcome of the shouldered load.

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