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You’ve Heard It Before: Write Down Your Goals

by Hutt Bush

Goal setting is widely taught and discussed with varying degrees of effectiveness. No matter your stage of life or profession, you are a goal setter. This week, we’ll discuss the core distinctions of goal setting as a means of maximizing your results.

We’ve all heard it before, yet most have ignored it: WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS! Statistics vary, but it’s clear that writing down your goals increases the likelihood of their happening by somewhere between 50 and 90 percent – just by writing them down.

That list of goals is obviously much more specific than free floating ideas in your head. You increase your focus and intention by putting goals in writing.

Check this against your own experience: has it been true for you that you’re more likely to accomplish goals if you write them down? Where do you write them? How many are there? What is the level of detail in your goals?

Consider setting aside time today to write down your goals for use as this week’s program continues. You will have an opportunity to build on your written goals throughout the week.

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