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Use All Your Senses To Optimize Goal Setting

by Hutt Bush

Just as the first most important thing about goal setting is to write down your goals, the second-most important is to review them frequently. Weekly review is optimal; and some people even review them daily.

Reading goals aloud is consistent with best practices. Why? Because the integration of goals into ALL of our senses dramatically increases the odds of the goals actually happening.

Next, review your written goals aloud – this time with visual reminders like photographs or advertising that animate your goals.

The more of the senses you engage, the better. Try to feel the feeling you anticipate will be there when your goals are realized. You can even ask yourself how your goals “taste” and “smell” – for example, “sweet” and “delicious.”

Are you willing to engage all of your senses in service of your goals and experiment with how effective the approach of all-senses integration is for you? You’ll find that it works!

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