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Uncertainty And Its Pull Toward Fear Of Failure

by Hutt Bush

Every human being has experienced difficulty when uncertainty became fear, and we’ve found ourselves disillusioned. One of our amazing readers writes:

“I think as we grow older and take the knocks and defeats of life, we start compromising and then we get to the point where we settle. We let our fear of failure blind us from taking leaps of faith. We become more frail to setbacks than we did in our youth.”

Guarding against or minimizing the potential negative effects of uncertainty is a valuable strategy. Uncertainty can be channeled into commitment rather than being allowed to hold us back.

Think of a time when uncertainty stopped you from taking action and making a change. What did you do about it? What did you learn from it?

Can uncertainty be a good thing if used to create more clarity and focus? Have there been significant times when your uncertainty prevented your taking action, and you were glad it did?

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