Being Point® Online Seminars

In the fall of 2008, in response to many requests, Being Point® began to offer online group coaching and mentoring. Our intention all along has been for this to 
be a regular product offering, so in response to many requests, and we will 
begin a series of new classes.

This is a 12-week program in which Hutt teaches / coaches the group for 
30 minutes each week in a tele-class. Separately from that, each week, every participant has a separate 15-minute private session with Hutt.

The intention for the group work is to deliver a consistently high-quality 
client experience where you produce breakthrough – all at an affordable 
price point for individuals.

These are the same proven approaches, tools and distinctions that have 
served our executive clients since 1988. By teaching our famous course – 
RADICAL RESULTS 101 – to groups, we are able to create efficiencies in 
cost that we can pass along to you.

Being Point® latest online seminar takes place over 
a 12-week period using the following elements:

  • Weekly Results Report – Online
  • Vision Statement – Online
  • Inventory – Online
  • Agreements – Online
  • Written Curriculum
  • 12 Group Tele-classes
  • 12 15-Minute Sessions with Hutt

During the 12 weeks, we focus on producing high impact results that are 
specific to you and your career, your business, your life.


Why We Created This Tele-Class

We know that there is tremendous benefit from using the CFR tools and availing 
yourself of world-class support – and now that the tools are online, it’s easy to 
track and to incorporate coaching into your week. Having small groups allows for a 
high level of personalized attention – but at a low cost. It’s the best of all worlds: 
cost effective, efficient, fun and easy – but most of all, highly effective at providing 
the support you can use to move along your evolution in whatever areas you choose!

Weekly meetings for 12 weeks allow participants to plug into the CFR program 
easily and take full advantage of our online tools and half an hour of coaching per week. 
The three-month time period is long enough to reset what we call your results infrastructure.
We guarantee that 
you’ll experience 
high impact results.

Thanks for being a friend of the Coaching for Results program of The Being Point®. 
We hope you’ll consider joining us for an upcoming tele-class.

How To Get Started

Simply send me an email or call our office at 310.205.7900. Let us know your
scheduling preferences, and we’ll get you started online with the CFR tools. If you 
have any questions or concerns, we are happy address them at your convenience.


Our goal is to deliver premium experience and results that hundreds of 
business owners, upper management and professionals have derived – but not at 
the regular corporate rates. For $350 per month for three months, you’ll receive 
all the benefits that you read about above.

Our Commitment

We like to say that “We speak ROI – Return on Investment.” Our commitment to 
you is that you’ll receive far, far greater value than the three-month cost of our 
program – and that your investment in yourself will pay handsome dividends.

In Closing

In 45 minutes per week, you can receive high impact coaching with one-on-one 
time after each group session – as we review your answers and interactions with 
the CFR tools. Perfect for managers, employees and sales personnel, too.

Please Join Us And Contact Us Today!


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