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The Power of Forgetting and Starting Over

by Hutt Bush

This week has been one of our best in Study Hall . . . thanks for attending and sharing. STARTING OVER is definitely a muscle that wants to be strengthened.

Fact: the past is over! As Will Rogers famously said, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” The advantages of resetting . . . and restarting . . . are enormous!

Think of the freedom . . . the thrill of being able to create without the limitations of the past! And it’s so simple: only recognize that it’s reality that this moment is the first moment between now and the future.


We can also forget the laurels we’ve rested on . . . and, similarly, we can release all the limiting perceptions. Both have kept us stuck.

In what area of your life would STARTING OVER make the biggest difference in your life?

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