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“The Happiness Of A Man In This Life Does Not Consist In The Absence But In The Mastery Of His Passions.” – Tennyson

by Hutt Bush

Do ALL humans have a driving desire to transform something in their lives? In my profession, by definition, everyone with whom I come in contact is seeking positive change – but I don’t assume that that applies equally to all of us.

How strong is your desire to transform? What are the burning issues that you know would alter your life for the better if you were able to transform your relationship to them? “Everyday” examples like health, diet, exercise, work-life balance, finances, romance, career, family . . . these are the primary places where most of us strive to make progress.

What is your number one, absolutely most important area of transformation? Most likely, that’s an area where you not only desire transformation, but mastery.

Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote:

“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.”

What does your primary area of desired transformation have to do with mastering your passions? Assuming that you agree with Tennyson, which of your passions are most relevant to your intention to transform?

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