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“The Best Way To Gain Self-Confidence Is To Do What You Are Afraid To Do” ~ Author Unknown

by Hutt Bush

Who are among the most confident people you know? What do you think accounts for their high level of confidence? How do you see yourself in terms of confidence?

Confidence – and especially supreme confidence – is a magical topic. Confidence has a huge influence on all personal and professional results. An unknown author said, “The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”

What if that’s the secret of having supreme confidence? Clearly, we’re not talking about jumping off of cliffs. But we are talking about what Joseph Campbell called “following our bliss,” and being willing to take risks for what and who we love.

How have you increased or decreased your level of self-confidence in your own life? What factors work for you? What have worked against you?

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