“Other consultants focus on a specific element of the business, whereas Hutt provides us with coaching that crosses all boundaries within the organization. . . When we started with Hutt I had just lost my prior partner, we were deep in debt, we were making decisions about whether we wanted to even keep our doors open. And today we’ve just affected a phenomenal finish to a fiscal year. We have grown the company by 40%. Within the time that I worked with Hutt I have also started a second business, and moved myself out of the day-to-day operation of my primary business . . . I will never be involved in a business venture if I am not involved with Hutt or someone in coaching. Working with Hutt gives me accountability . . . Everybody needs coaching . . . there are a zillion seminars, quick fixes, and hocus-pocus out there, but what Hutt provides is very basic and very straightforward . . . it’s based in reality and you can see the benefits from it instantly.”

James L. Jonassen
Peoplemover, Inc.

“He doesn’t have one formula, he really molds [his work] to what your needs are . . . My most important achievement has been quantifiable increases in the number of proposals I’ve sent out and the number of projects we’ve started. I highly recommend Coaching for Results®, Inc. — Hutt is a boss for hire and a great boss at that. He helps you achieve any goal you set forth . . . I will be working with Hutt indefinitely.”

Douglas Tieger
CAT Architects

“I would work with Hutt the rest of my life if I could have it my way. It’s been the most valuable experience in my recent life. I look at the opportunity of meeting Hutt and being able to work with him as a blessing. I look forward to every meeting with him just because I’m truly inspired and grounded and focused when I leave the meeting with him, and I’m very appreciative and thankful for what he’s offered me and enabled me to do and accomplish since we’ve began working together.”

Merlin Clarke
Owner/Graphic Designer
The Merlin Company

“I feel so confident about [working with Hutt] that I have referred business associates, as well as personal friends. I’ve been working with him for a year and a half . . . All of the things that I was looking for in my definition of what would make me happy, Hutt has helped me realize . . . I’ve tripled my business, lost about 20 lbs., and have perfect blood pressure. I’m in touch with the spiritual side of my life and I’m in a very healthy, committed, monogamous relationship. My clients are saying ‘we recognize you’re different, what have you been doing?’ . . . my vision is clear, I know where I’ve been and where I’m going, and I know how to get there.”

Ken Loyd
Executive Recruiter

“Hutt has a strong sense of what is required to go beyond ordinary results to determine extraordinary results. Since I began working with Hutt, I became the national practice leader for a “big five” accounting firm, and I subsequently became a practice leader for a much more successful and developed practice in my specialty field . . . I’ve worked with him for one year and the results have justified the cost.”

Greg Metzger
Regional Practice Director
The Wyatt Company

“The biggest result that we’ve seen in dealing with Hutt is that our consistency in business has just been tremendous. It’s been in an upward momentum, and it’s stayed in that plane, whereas before it was up and down and up and down . . . I have just been amazed at the results I’ve gotten and it’s just a very refreshing approach he uses; it’s not a lot of new age psychology. It’s just very fundamental, very direct, very bottom line. The energy, enthusiasm, and genuineness that he carries along with it makes a huge difference because you can tell he really cares about you and the results you get in his follow-up. We have absolutely no intention of cutting off this relationship now.”

Thomas E. Ruff
President & CEO
Tom Ruff Company

“Adi is a talented, committed professional who would be a welcomed addition to any team, and I am happy to recommend him.”

Cheryl Saban
Executive Director, Saban Family Foundation

“To say it’s a pleasure collaborating with Adi is an understatement because every project with him goes through the same, wonderful creative arc: 1) give Adi an approved script to cut that you know he’ll make better; 2) ask Adi how a cut is going but do not look at the cut unless he has a specific concern about keeping the creative on message; 3) smile when you see the first cut and, in particular, when you see/hear where it’s been “Adi-ized”. More simply put, Adi is a must-hire that you’ll re-hire. And he’s a pretty darned cool human being too.”

Peter Martin
Partner, United Front Design, LLC

“Hutt, it’s been, and continues to be, a great experience working with you on projects. I like receiving guidance on not only refining my writing skills, but my thought processes and strategy-building as well. You are an excellent business mentor; and I value everything you have brought to my ever-expanding professional experience.”

Craig Barkdull, MBA
Marketing Director, Hartley Medical

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