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Starting Over From Things Beyond Our Control

by Hutt Bush

In law, events beyond our control are called “acts of God” or “force majeure.” Working with our topic of starting over, we considered the topic generally . . . then how we can start over ourselves . . . and how we can allow others to start over.

So, today: what about those pesky circumstances beyond our control? And their “first cousins,” the decisions we made long ago that may have continued to “haunt” us to the present. Decisions made by others that have impacted our lives, as we perceive it, negatively. All of these are fuel for lingering regret and remorse if not fully processed.

Starting over means releasing those events, decisions and dynamics. They have already occurred. We can’t un-do the past, but we can start over and assess where we are as regarding these issues.

Today would be an excellent day to put to rest all concern for things that already happened . . . especially long ago . . . so that the day is open to joy. They’re already gone. Start over today!

We want to be able to have a long list at the end of day when we ask, “What brought me joy today?”

Releasing old events, patterns and decisions increases joy . . . AND . . . remember, starting over is a strategic advantage in manifesting the results that you want today!

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