Imagine Yourself in Paradise

Building on our more than 20 years of deep experience working with owners and principals of businesses.  Each retreat is personalized and custom-designed.  You will leave relaxed, of course, but also changed forever for the better as a result of taking the time to experience yourself away from the day-to-day.

We can offer you the best of both worlds: business and personal.  Come prepared to experience both professional and business evolution . . . while simultaneously allowing yourself to have one of the best vacation and adventure experiences of your life.

About Being Point® Retreats

Our business / personal retreats feature a period of several weeks leading up to your retreat where we help you prepare for your personal sessions.  During your visit, we work together, the exact number of hours depends on your specific program and what you wish to accomplish.  After you leave the island, for several weeks more, we work with you to debrief and follow up on your retreat results.

Here’s what you can expect from a business perspective:

  • A written plan of action grounded in strategy
  • Clear thinking about how your business and your life relate to one another
  • Insights and epiphanies that translate to wise and profitable decisions

Heres what you can expect from a personal perspective:

  • One of the best vacations of your life
  • Beautiful beaches for swimming, snorkeling, diving and relaxing
  • Perhaps the opportunity to swim the dolphins at our local beach
  • Adventure trips to places only locals know – mountains, woods, canyons, lava hikes
  • Communion with nature with special emphasis on sunrise and sunset . . . and legendary star – filled nighttime skies
  • World-class yoga, meditation and other personal development classes

At the Being Point®, you are invited to see the world from many different perspective . . . and to know the phase of the moon when you were visiting.  When high and low tides occur, being present for sunrise and sunset.  In short, the time of your life, close to nature . . . all the while, being connected to your business in a practical, useful, strategic way.

Your creativity will be stimulated in ways that you might not have ever imagined.  A question that will addtionally be engaged is: how will that creativity be channeled and facilitated?  That is where The Being Point® comes in.

We are expert facilitators, executive coaches, management consultants, committed mentors, experienced strategists – the best and the brightest, who are here to make your visit to the Big Island one of the best experiences of your life.  No kidding, no hyperbole.  We are actually shooting for making it the best experience of your life, but we don’t want to get too cocky. Madame Pele might object.

Ours is a place where you can focus on your well-being in every way.  Eat healthfully, leave bad habits behind, experiment with new versions of yourself.  Try on new behaviors, ideas and perspectives during the time that you’re here.  Try on new ways of being.  All the while, you will experience nature up close and personal like never before.  This is not the Hawaii of Waikiki Beach or wet t-shirt contests.  It is the Hawaii of self renewal, reflection and significantly accelerated personal evolution.  It is the Hawaii that you can take back with you when you go home.

Sit quietly in a new place every day.  Change your environment . . . experience new conditions in your life.  Sit naked in the moonlight.  Feel the warm rain against your skin.  Listen to the sound of whales.  The ocean crashing in the middle of the night.  Showering outside in a beautiful private space.

The Being Point® is where you have permission to explore your individual states of being.  All human choices are based on our state of being.  Regrettably, our lives are so busy in the Twenty-First Century that we have little time to understand these states – so there is very little in a deep, thoughtful way that allows us to move our lives forward beyond what typically happens on the surface.  And what does on the surface living lead to?  At best, it leads to rushing, anxiety, impatience, disconnection . . . and at worst, alienation, depression, and withdrawal.

It is by understanding one’s self and states of being – especially one’s self and states of being – is the most beneficial and important thing one can learn in life, so Being Point® Institute is helping to facilitate this awareness and understanding.

Our retreat program is different. You can choose from specific retreats we offer, or we can work with you to custom design a retreat all your own. In all cases, it is your retreat. Just you – and anyone else who is part of your group.

If there are two people or more, we work with both people to create a unique and valuable individual and mutual experience.

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