Anticipation: Advanced preparation before your trip to Hawaii including: readings, inventory, goals, and a strategic plan

Immersion: In-person work with Hutt here in Hawaii

Evolution: Post-event follow-up after your arrival back to the mainland, designed and structured to help you make the most of your experiences here in Hawaii.

Personal Retreat (Maui or Big Island)

Though centered around any topic you choose (family, relationship with self, spouse/partner, job, career, etc…), the general focus is taking stock of priorities: what matters most to you in these arenas, and creating a personal plan of action. This program is well-suited for, though in no way limited to, couples who wish to work together to make lasting changes in their relationships. If the topic is business related, retreats may be tax deductable.

The Island Freedom Retreat (Maui or Big Island)

Where do you desire freedom? Among the best ways to access freedom in one area of your life is to experience it in another. That experience creates a model with some parameters you can follow in another area. The Big Island is all about Freedom of expression and connection. This retreat is the most ‘vacation’ like of all our retreats, with minimal structure or rigid focus.

Entrepreneurs Retreat (Maui or Big Island)

This program can be focused on one specific project, or on creating a strategic plan (which includes multiple projects) for your business or career.

Project Managers Retreat (Maui or Big Island)

Working as a project manager can be a hard pill to swallow. This retreat aims to sugar-coat that pill. Regardless of you current ability to facilitate project management, there is always room for improvement. But who wants to be stuck in a conference room all day listening to someone drone on about project management theory? Why not delve deeper into project management in a hands on, practical program that is individually tailored specifically to your objectives? And the fact that it takes place in Hawaii couldn’t hurt either, right?

Lava Creativity Retreat (Big Island only)

This retreat is centered around ways to cultivate and focus your creative energies, in whatever form you choose. In this retreat we work extensively with applying dynamic metaphors from the lava to your life. These metaphors include creation and destruction, death and rebirth, the elemental interplay of fire and water, and balance, just to name a few. An emphasis on facilitated personal exercises and extensive time alone in nature are just a few of the tools utilized in this retreat.

Being (Z)OOM™ (Maui or Big Island)

This retreat is centered around artfully learning and understanding the content, philosophies, and methodologies presented in ‘Being (Z)OOM™.’ Additionally, we offer extensive tools for teaching/ facilitating this content; upon completion of this program, participants are certified to teach Being (Z)OOM™ . This program is easily suited to small groups as well as individuals.

Teambuilding Retreat (Maui or Big Island)

This retreat is focused on team-building and many of the key elements to working with teams – communication, trust, cooperation, creativity, problem-solving, group dynamics, managing stages of group development – and is well suited for groups large or small.

Moving Through Loss to Joy: Phoenix from the Ashes (Maui or Big Island)

Similar to the Lava Creativity Retreat, but with an emphasis on severance from the past and creation of the future. We work with you to help recognize old patterns and stories, taking stock of those that serve you, and helping to replace those that do not. Countless research has shown the importance of mindset upon personal power and strength; we help you to shift your story and focus from an external locus of control to an internal one, realizing that we are each masters of our own future.

Hawaiiana (Maui or Big Island)

This retreat is focused on learning and exploring traditional Hawaiian culture, history, spiritual traditions, life, and philosophies. It is co-facilitated with a local Hawaiian Kahuna.

Design Your Own Retreat

To focus on whatever, however, with whomever, you want.

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