Results Evolution

Perfectly Design and Get The Results You Want

Using proven methods and proprietary tools that teach you how to expertly manage everyday issues as part of well developed long-term strategies.

My name is Hutt Bush, and I am excited to offer my 20+ years of experience and success growing 100s of businesses.

I am looking for people who are ready to evolve their businesses, their careers and their lives. For those seeking a competitive edge, I am offering services that I have, until now, reserved for private clientele.

You’ll learn how to avoid the “Dirty Dozen” mistakes that almost everyone makes.

  1. No written strategy
  2. Insufficient accountability
  3. Not enough outside thinking / input
  4. Limited forward visibility
  5. No risk assessment
  6. No exit strategy
  7. Lack of understanding of the rate of change
  8. Insufficient strategic alliances
  9. Lack of information and underestimating the competition
  10. No “big picture” concept
  11. Making unfounded assumptions
  12. Incomplete research

We focus on producing high impact results, using Coaching for Results® online tools, including:

Personal Inventory:  An extensive questionnaire designed to be an in-depth “snapshot” of your current thinking

  • Your goals
  • The issues confronting you and your business
  • How you are best coached
  • Your audience

Weekly Results Report:  7 exercises that build accountability and measurement of your results

  • Time management
  • Building new habits
  • Building a record of your results as they occur

Vision Statement:  An evolving description of how you envision your future

  • A letter to yourself dated a year from now
  • Focuses your core intentions in the present

Reading List: Selected items to augment the process

  • Informative and provocative learning

webinar on how to get results

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