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Releasing Attachment to Wrongs and Starting Over

by Hutt Bush

So far this week, we’ve focused on our own starting over. Today, consider the wisdom of allowing others to start over with you.

Everyone has made mistakes in life. It’s just a matter of degree, but . . . face it, no one escapes doing some really dumb things.

We can assist others in their journeys by losing the attachment to past wrongs and saying, “The rest of my relationship with this person begins now.”

Imagine what a difference that would make in business, family friend and romantic situations.

Allowing others to start over means that you don’t hold their past performance against them. By giving them a clean slate:
* Grudges disappear

* Wounds heal

* Harmony expands

* Freedom grows

This is not a “touchy-feely,” “lah-lah” strategy. Rather, it has highly practical outcomes. Life gets better! Results improve!

Please think of some people whose conduct you can reframe in your mind as only in the past . . . and consciously allow them to start over. Breathe and observe the way you feel as you release the past and allow the present with nothing but possibilities.

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