Think Better Together – With a Partner for Hire

Partnership Capital®, a proprietary system of the Being Point®, produces profound changes in all kinds of organizations by introducing partnership as a core value in all successful business relationships: partnership with colleagues, clients, vendors and staff. Partnership Capital® distinguishes itself from other organizational management approaches by teaching clear principles of partnership and assisting clients with putting those principles into practice. Ongoing interaction with the participants over several class sessions – as well as between sessions via telephone and email – gives individuals the opportunity to fully integrate the material into their lives.

The Partnership Capital® program is typically structured with half-day sessions conducted once monthly for a total of six months. Each segment works both as a stand-alone session and as a part of the entire program. Concepts are developed and reintroduced throughout Partnership Capital®, thus reinforcing previous lessons.

Partnership Redefined

Partnership Capital® begins with an in-depth look at the core value of partnership – what it is and what it is not. We take on this new model of work, and together we explore what is possible when we regard each other as partners.

This expanded concept of partnership is new to most employees who are accustomed to hearing the term “partner” only in conjunction with one’s having made a financial investment in a firm or one’s having become a partner as a reward for years of service and dedication. In Partnership Capital®, we teach that when everyone can be included, when everyone is aligned to produce agreed-upon results for the company – everyone thrives: the company, the employees, and the constituency whom the company serves.

Working from a broad perspective and progressively narrowing the focus, Partnership Capital® draws participants into a conversation about the nature of their interaction with one another and how those interactions generate consequences. We look at the notions of workspace and community – and how individuals come together to generate results based on shared values.

Since partnership means all of us are playing together at a higher level, we also recognize that being a partner in any venture carries rights as well as responsibilities, and we fully review what constitutes being an excellent partner.

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