One-on-One Coaching

Personal Attention for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Personal coaching supports individuals in achieving desired results in their careers, business endeavors, and personal lives. Coaching provides extraordinary structure, insight and practical recommendations for all kinds of individual projects. Our individual clients enjoy the directness and candor of Being Point’s proprietary system known as Right Between the Eyes® with its ability to cut through to the real substance of issues and decision-making.

Our individual clients are generally referred to us with business or career issues. Most of our clients are founders or principals in privately-held companies; and our clientele is highly diverse and covers a wide range of industries.

Many of our clients are executives of large corporations who find the objective Right Between the Eyes feedback and brainstorming highly useful in their understanding how to successfully manage business goals and career aspirations in the context of a balanced life – and often in the context of politicized corporate environments. All of our clients are highly intelligent and successful individuals in life who wish to give themselves the advantage of specialized support in their businesses and in their careers.

Clients begin by defining a complete set of desired results and project outcomes over specific time frames. The client then completes a “wish list” – a comprehensive inventory of goals – which the coach shapes into a program uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. With measurable results identified, the coach and client work together on a weekly basis toward the accomplishment of the desired goals.

The following elements are incorporated into the strategy that the coach helps to shape:

  • A complete strategic plan for each goal and project.
  • A plan for each area of each business which includes budgets and other key areas of quantification – and with specific focus on profitability and return on investment.
  • A method of being accountable for promises made which will provide the business or project everything it needs to succeed.
  • A daily and weekly regimen emphasizing balance.


There are numerous obstacles that conspire to keep people from moving powerfully from Point A to Point B. Procrastination, lack of effectiveness, poorly defined goals, and inefficient communication all contribute to feeling “stuck.” Much of this dynamic is attributable to the loss of historic mentoring systems which had been provided by family members, teachers and sports coaches from grade school through college.

These “natural coaches” helped stimulate creative thinking, provided a sounding board for brainstorming sessions, offered practical advice, kept people on task, and offered encouragement to keep dreams alive. Coaching offers clients the same support by holding clients accountable every week for what does and does not get done. Specifically, clients advance by:

  • Participating in structured weekly meetings which create deadlines by which to get things done;
  • Receiving specific feedback and brainstorming as a source of problem solving and strategy;
  • Getting support for keeping the belief in their dream alive;
  • Evaluating their performance against the standards set forth in each coaching contract;
  • Being challenged to identify those factors which may have diminished their effectiveness and seizing the opportunity to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs;
  • Identifying and eliminating all the excuses and justifications they have made about why they can’t or don’t get results.

Clients represent almost every imaginable profession or business including: executive management, officers, board members, business owners, financial services, design professionals, sales and marketing professionals, producers, technologists, writers, engineers, not-for-profit professionals, and others who are committed to producing powerful results in their lives.

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