Hutt Bush

hutt bushE. B. Hutt Bush is the managing principal of Being Point Consulting, based in Beverly Hills, California, and Maui, Hawaii.
Having founded, operated and sold a variety of successful businesses in various industries over the course of 25-plus years, Bush has a rich history of growing companies and not-for-profits. He combines deep operational and management experience with openness and an authentic caring for each client. Bush has served as a Director on numerous Executive Teams of Directors and Executive Teams of Advisors.
Since 1988, Bush has worked with hundreds of companies and their principals to address a wide variety of issues.  Integral to all of these engagements is a deep conviction to a results-driven strategic thinking process which can be documented and, thus, used as a means of maintaining focus its direct outcome: Favorable Results.

Bush recognized that executive coaching is a valuable adjunct to management consulting, and he pioneered the Coaching For Results® program in his work with executives, sales professionals, and business owners.  Bush is a “Student of Results” which means that all of his work is “results-focused.”

Bush started his first company (which he sold five years later) immediately following his four years of Bachelor of Arts education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

He is the co-author with former Editor-in-Chief of Omni magazine, Keith Ferrell, of Tougher Times: A Practical Guide to Getting Through Them.  He is also the author of (Being)ZOOM®:  How Good Can You Stand It?.  His upcoming book, The Entrepreneurial Manifesto, will be published in August 2018.

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