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How Is Your Friendship Between Ambition And Uncertainty?

by Hutt Bush

What do you do – and how do you become – someone who deliberately engages the uncertainty of whether or not you can accomplish something amazing and fantastic?

Is it like seeing a cliff as you’re floating in the river, and you see a cliff, and you’re inspired to swim to it and jump? Or is it more deliberate and measured like deciding to climb a frozen, distant peak – and acquiring all manner of ice picks and gear to make the trek?

No matter your personal style – and there are, obviously, infinite variations – your intending to engage greatness, as you alone define it, necessarily engages uncertainty because nothing is certain except change.

Making friends with uncertainty and allowing it to co-exist with you is a strategic skill that is well worth cultivating. How is your friendship between ambition and uncertainty? Are they on talking terms? What can be done to have them be best friends forever?

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