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“Habitual” Thinking Versus Objective Thinking

by Hutt Bush

Habits are simply patterns of behavior that occur almost without thinking . . . kind of like living on automatic pilot.

We conclude this week’s conversation about changing habits with thoughts on habitual thinking – i.e., pre-existing assumptions, perceptions, and attitudes.

Can you think of any situation or person where you have had a limiting point of view . . . a set of old assumptions . . . the flavor of “you know how they are”?

Habitually assuming based on old perceptions is an opportunity to shift to fresh, objective thinking.

Try to open your mind to the reality that situations and people actually can change for the better. Don’t limit this “new thinking” to others . . . give yourself a break, too, and examine outdated habitual ways of thinking about yourself.

Consider the implications of an old Spanish proverb: “Habits are at first cobwebs, then cables.” If that’s so, then make them GREAT HABITS.

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