Group Coaching

The Dynamic of a Team All Learning Together . . .

Our team members have a long history in working with groups of all kinds. Groups include Boards of Directors, Boards of Advisers, Executive Committees, Management Teams and Fundraising.

A typical way that groups work is in regular weekly meetings, in much the same way individual meetings occur. This is perfect for growing the maturity of a management team, which is, after all, the basis for a company’s ability to grow. Investment in growing groups pays dividends in many ways: teamwork, common vision, use of tools to note progress, sense of belonging, and a clear understanding of what it takes to move forward in an individual career as part of a team.

At Being Point, we believe that partnership is the highest form of relationship. By partnership, we don’t necessarily mean shared equity or evenly-shared profitability, or other financially-determined arrangements. Rather, what we mean is the strong sense that, as a group, everyone is in it together and no one wins unless everybody wins. This approach has proven to be a very powerful stimulus for various teams with whom we have worked.

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