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From Habit to Ruling Reality

by Hutt Bush

The conventional wisdom is that it takes 21 consecutive days to change a habit . . . and the point is that sufficient time is needed to turn an idea into the ruling reality.

Here’s what I’ve seen work:

* Make a tracking chart and post it somewhere visible;

* Include the benefits of the change in the chart with both words and images;

* Track it with someone else who genuinely supports you with no judgment.

We’ve also used the game of starting over at Day 1 if there is a day when the new habit is not followed. This is a very effective results strategy because, if you’re really honest, you’ll find that eventually you will have 21 consecutive days under your belt.

What habit would you like to put in place over 21 days? To whom would you make it known? What are the benefits of that change?

Don’t just read this!!! CHANGE A HABIT FOR THE BETTER!!!

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