Some Common Questions We’ve Answered Over the Years

How does Being Point® coaching, consulting and training work?

Primarily, our approach provides design, measurement, and accountability – someone to “answer to” for what does and does not get done. A coach is a combination consultant, mentor, teacher and benevolent taskmaster who works with you to reveal old patterns and replace them with new action models designed to produce your desired results

Is coaching done over the phone or in person?

Coaching can easily be done over the phone and in person.  Individuals have different preferences; although, generally work with groups requires face-to-face interaction.  Many people alternate between phone and in person to allow for greater flexibility with schedules. When clients are located outside of the greater Los Angeles area, phone coaching is the norm; and we work with people all over the world.

What are the logistics of engaging with Being Point®?

There are a wide variety of ways to experience our programs. Individual work generally begins with weekly, one-on-one meetings. These regular meetings provide consistency, momentum, and constant demand for steady, sustainable achievement. The meetings may be held locally in-person or nationally by telephone.

The logistics of groups vary as a function of their availability, organizational goals, and frequency of meetings. For example, we facilitate a number of annual Board and executive management retreats. For some companies, we have monthly trainings and seminars. Other firms use our services in quarterly Board meetings or monthly Executive Committee meetings. Please ask us how Being Point® systems can be used best at your business.

Who is best suited for Being Point’s services?

Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, sales professionals, educators – anyone who has a project worth doing – all benefit from working with Being Point®. Coaching – in all its forms – is a well-documented tool for creating the structure and facilitating the actions necessary to dramatically improve performance.

What is unique about Being Point’s methods?

Our work is unique in that it manages the improved effectiveness of our clients on an ongoing basis. We relentlessly support obtaining the necessary specific elements for each client’s project, such as accounting, legal, or business plan analysis. And, most importantly, Being Point® coaching offers satisfaction and sustainable results, rather than temporary spikes in performance.

What kind of projects does Being Point® help its clients accomplish?

Our products and services support clients as they pursue the widest variety of career, business or personal projects such as: the business you’ve always wanted to start; the venture that still hasn’t made it to your satisfaction; the already successful business or career in which you’re ready to make quantum leaps; or that idea you’d like to develop into a screenplay or book. Projects are undertaken within a context of balance and attention to all other aspects of the client’s life.

What could my organization and I get out of Being Point®?

You could get the fulfillment of your goals and the joy of accomplishing what you and/or your business or enterprise want in life. If you are willing to design a project, take action and be supported, you can achieve almost any goal. Being Point® coaching, seminars, classes and media from Coaching for Results®, Inc. provides you with access to realistic and workable plans, accountability and support.

How long will I need to work with Being Point®?

Individuals typically work with a coach weekly for a minimum of six months. The type of project and goals you are pursuing will determine whether you will want to continue beyond this time frame. Many clients elect to continue coaching indefinitely because of the ongoing benefits, expanded growth, and the cost-effective structure. We have clients who use our systems for individual coaching for years; and we have companies who utilize our seminars, professional development, and surrogate management as a consistent adjunct to their in-house resources.

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