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Having Fun While Changing A Habit

by Hutt Bush

I used to have a fondness for chocolate-covered doughnuts. Think Homer Simpson. That “fondness” developed into a habit of once a week indulging myself with two doughnuts . . . after which I’d feel terrible both mentally and physically.

One day, I went from the doughnut store to my office and promised my assistant, Marge, that if I ever ate doughnuts again, I would pay her $1 per doughnut. Being accountable to Marge helped me change that minor doughnut habit. It wasn’t the money . . . it was the consequence. Marge made no money on that deal, and it didn’t cost me a dime.

What habit could be made into a game like this where you could be supported by someone in your life? Can you think of a way that changing a habit can be FUN? Who would be a great person to engage in this kind of playful way of changing a habit?

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