Coaching Across All Areas of Business

Being Point® supports individuals and groups in entrepreneurial and Fortune 1000 companies to accomplish results in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

Our unique, multi-dimensional approach  is direct, on-target and clear. We strive passionately to integrate logic and intuition into the delivery of all of our business coaching. We believe that lives are enhanced by working on all levels where solid, rational analysis meets compassion and kindness.

The venues for our work vary widely – from the boardroom to the classroom to the factory floor – but our commitment is always to be catalysts for change in service to the greatest good. Ultimately, Being Point’s technologies, tools and methods create a direct pathway to the complete set of results our clients wish to achieve.

We strive to provide a client experience that is always gratifying, often fun, supremely interesting and immediately effective. We have a strong distaste for dogma and a great affection for innovation and creativity.

Most of all, we are intensely committed to supporting our clients in realizing exactly the results that they intend to produce.

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