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“Changing” Habits versus “Breaking” Habits

by Hutt Bush

You may prefer the phrase “changing habits” to the implications of “breaking habits” because experience teaches that it is far more powerful to be in favor of something than to be against it. “Changing” may be more powerful than “breaking.”

Consider how it feels to say, “I’m changing my habit of eating sweets to habits of eating that are consistent with vital health.” We don’t have to think of a habit as something to be judged – just something that perhaps has outlived its perceived usefulness.

Unthinking habitual behavior is not based in freedom, and often we don’t recognize that we have been in a rut.

Consider the perception “I choose conscious habits” over “I have to break my bad habits.”

How would it feel to develop habits consistent with freedom rather than feeling compelled to indulge in behaviors that no longer serve us? Where in your life do you most desire freedom from old habits? What habits could you be in favor of that would replace old, restricting habits?

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