Case Histories

Listing Link / Homes and Open Houses / Caravan Express

Consultant, Investment Banking, Board of Directors

Building on the success of its real estate print publications, Homes and Open Houses and Caravan Express, ListingLink became the first entity anywhere in the world to list real estate listings on the web. I was retained for almost three years to assist the company in finding a suitable strategic partner. We ultimately negotiated a successful sale of 50 percent of the company to the Times-Mirror Corporation (then the holding company for the Los Angeles Times). I served on the four-person board of directors with Listing Link’s founder and two members from Times-Mirror for 13 months during which time we grew the company and ultimately sold the remaining 50 percent to Times-Mirror in a very successful transaction. All three entities remain viable businesses. Caravan Express was acquired by Listing Link was made part of a consortium of leading national newspapers; and its creation presaged the creation of

Frontbridge Technologies

Consultant, Founding Investor, Board of Directors

One of my clients conceived of an idea for email management, and I joined he and two others in a founders’ group. I focused on strategy and fundraising for what became Big Fish. I served on the Board of Directors of Big Fish for several years as we grew the company through successful rounds of venture capital financing. The company changed its name to Frontbridge Technologies; and it is in successful operation as a leader in providing spam filtering, virus protection, email security and message management for very large companies. Frontbridge was recently named among the finalists for the Red Herring Private Companies of North America. Microsoft Corporation acquired Frontbridge in August 2005. For news, please see:


Executive Coach, Consultant, Executive Committee

I was retained to assist Fischer & Partners in its growth. During my eight-year tenure, we encountered all of the classic growing pains as the company grew: issues of growth as well as issues of needing to scale back operations after 9/11. The company’s name change to FischerHealth was part of an overall strategy to focus on health care marketing communications. The firm was named 2001 Healthcare Firm of the Year and 2003 Creative Agency of the Year– as well as being consistently ranked among the national leaders in health care marketing. As a member of the Executive Committee, I contributed to all decisions, including the rigorous process of navigating through the many issues relating to all suitors. The company was successfully sold to Porter Novelli, an international public relations firm that is part of Omnicom, where it continues to grow dramatically.


Executive Coach, Consultant, Founding Investor, Board of Directors

For almost seven years, I was an intimate part of the growth of Peoplemover and its predecessor company. The company was in the business of web ware applications for people management, and its focus was to take advantage of the free agent economy which became very prevalent at the height of what became known as the Internet Bubble. I consulted as the company grew large national accounts, and I served on the Board of Directors as venture capital was brought in to grow Peoplemover. The company was later merged with Opus 360; and the combined companies were brought public in the spring of 2000 with an initial public offering of $75 million. Opus 360 was acquired in 2002.

Bold New World and BNWi

Founding Investor, President/COO, Board of Directors

I was asked to join a small group to invest in this company which was focused on the Internet in three primary ways: One, as an incubator of online businesses; Two, as a fund for investment; and, Three, as a producer and developer of websites and related products and services. Our founding members included David Bohnett who had previously founded GeoCities and sold it to Yahoo for almost $7 billion as well as Norman Lear, socially responsible investor and movie/television producer. Our fund, BNWi, attracted many other celebrities and technology founders. Bold New World is still developing business-to-business applications; and BNWi retains its portfolio of investments.

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