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Be Loved Above All Else

by Hutt Bush

Each of us somehow silently wishes only for pleasant surprises in response to the uncertainties of life. How rare to find the friend who will always be there no matter what, the lover who cares even in the face of indifference and even damage, the client who remains loyal even when others make exaggerated claims.

Uncertainty is the state of being in this experience we call LIFE. Only change is certain. Since none of us really knows what death is, even death is uncertain. Taxes . . . well, taxes – yeah, it’s cute to say that only death and taxes are certain, but there’s a palpable amount of self-indulgence in that comment.

What IS uncertain is how one moment moves to the next. How loyalty can turn to betrayal, vitality to illness, gain to loss. And the converse is true. The reversal of fortunes – of which we “have no idea” – can occur instantaneously.

In this uncertain life, where do you find Faith? How do you maintain a Rock? What allows you to function day-to-day in the face of relentless change in appearance, strength, possibilities and even your belief in your ability to prevail and win? What keeps you going in the face of infinite uncertainty? Therein is the heart of the poignant and exquisitely beautiful Human Condition.

Be Loved This Weekend – Be Loved Above All Else.

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